Interviewer: You can absolutely hear all of Tumblr starting to ship you with their inserts for a lesbian love affair in college Nina: Yeah. I wonder who’s… they’ll probably wanna know who got cast. Interviewer: Maybe they’ll cast for you. A dream casting. Nina: She may have already been cast.

Nina Dobrev playing “Two Lies and a Truth” about season 6.

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Mutuals, if you notice I unfollowed you, please let me know! I found out my tumblr unfollowed Jade a while ago and now, the number of my follows decreased a little again. So please, just let me know.

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A great explanation as to why everyone is pissed off by  dubiousculturalartifact 

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Daniel Radcliffe photographed for The London Magazine

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when i see people lurking through my allisaac tag

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dianaagron replied to your post:captain swan?
Oh Sarah

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lanadeys asked: Is the one from the walking dead MaggiexGlenn?

No! The pairing is more from the comics where it’s canon bc fuck the show.

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raven-xavier asked: ichabbie :)

Yess! :)

1. Harry x Hermione
2. Allison x Isaac
3. Stefan x Caroline
4. Merlin x Morgana
5. (the walking dead)
6. Dan x Blair
7. Klaus x Rebekah
8. (cruel intentions)
9. Peter x MJ
10. Ichabod x Abbie

guess my top 10 OTPs for anything you want

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